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How to Build a Chat application?

Ever thought about how to develop a chat app. Are you looking for proper guidance right? If yes, you are right here at the best page. We shared a tutorial about how to develop a chat app with ReactJS and NodeJS.

When you google about it, you will find few tutorials available for sure but it is not that promising and you will feel some technical jargon but I know as a user you always look for easy tutorials and that’s the reason we write this blog with a simple flow.

Today, we talked about Socket.IO and develop a chat app with NodeJS and ReactJS.

What is Socket.IO?

Whenever you are about to discuss the chat app or data transferring, you can ignore Socket.IO.

So, let’s see what it is?
Lets keep it simple: it is one kind of JavaScript Library developed for real-time data transfer.

Steps: How to Build a Chat App


  • Getting Started
  • Install Dependencies
  • Basic Server Setup
  • Socket.IO Connection
  • API for Room ID- getRoom


  • Getting Started
  • Install Socket.IO for Client
  • Client-Side Socket.IO connection

I know technical tutorials are somewhat hard to understand but I tried my best to keep the things simple and easy to understand. If you want to know more about how to built a chat app in detail, visit our tutorial page now.

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