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React Table Tutorial: useFilter (Part 2)

Hello Folks

As we already shared the article of React Table tutorial - Part 1, Today we came up with the React-table-tutorial-7 and in this tutorial we are going to develop the application with hook useTable. Here in the tutorial, we implement the useFilter in the same application that we developed in the last tutorial.

So, it is better that you go to the React Table Tutorial: Project Setup and useTable, and refresh your mind.

In this tutorial, we shared Tutorial videos which explain the React Table Tutorial Goal and helps us to know how to implement useFilter hook.

We also share the steps to implement useFilter and useGlobalFilter with all the technical content required. You just need to follow the steps and code carefully.

In the article, we also talked about the defining Filter components for UI and rendering Filter components. And last in the tutorial we talked about Column Filter and How does Column Filter work in React Table.

Lets visit the React Table Tutorial to know more about it in detail.

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