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Tips For Building Fast and Light Vue.js Large Application Structure.

bacancy_technology profile image Bacancy Technology ・2 min read

You did hard work and developed the entire Vue.js application. But you forgot to focus on its performance; now, your application is taking too much load of submitting, navigate, or for any user actions. Do you think being a customer, you should like this kind of application or you will interact with the application?\

Sadly, the hard truth is a big NO, if we go by statics, it is proven that around 53% of customers do not like spending time on such applications. If the application takes more than 3 seconds to load, users will directly jump out.

So, if you can maintain an application with high performance will increase user experience and interaction. But unfortunately, many businesses fail to focus on the importance of performance and only build extensive applications with many performance bugs.

I know, you never want to be one of that business. It takes hard work to develop an application but it is more challenging to maintain the performance of your application. With the intent of helping you, we at bacancy come up with an article, which will help you to understand how you can organize the performance of your vue.js application.

We cover the following points in the article.

  • Introduction of Vue js App Structure
  • Vue js Performance Optimization: The Hour of Need
  • Performance Pitfalls in Vue js
  • How to Check Your Vue js application’s Bundle Size?
  • Optimizing the Performance of Vue js Large Application Structure
  • Vue.js Performance: Optimize Third-party Library
  • Conclusion

If you want to increase your Vue.js application performance, I recommend you to take Vuejs performance tips from our article. It will help you for sure.

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