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Tutorial: File Upload Using Multer

Bacancy Technology
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Nowadays, for any application, file uploading is the basic feature. If you have your application based on Node.js, we can quickly implement a file uploading section into your application by combining Node.js with the express and Multer library.

So, we at bacancy shared a Learning tutorial about how to use multer; we can add the file uploading section. They have covered the following points in the article.

Steps you need to follow for File Upload Using Multer in Node.js and Express.

  • Initial Setup
  • Install Dependencies
  • Adding Multer
  • Multer Storage for Single Image Upload
  • Upload Multiple Images using Multer
  • Upload Video Files using Multer

Let’s understand what is Multer first.

After researching, we identified that multer use to handle multipart/form-data, and multer is a node.js Middleware. The very primary task of multer is to upload files. And multer was famous for its efficiency.

Now I will like to suggest you to read our article about file upload using Multer. And I hope you will get some good information from the tutorial, and its help you to learn about file upload using Multer in NodeJs and Express.js. I know this will be an exciting learning experience for you, and you will get to see that file upload implementation can never be such a difficult task.

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