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Tutorial Of Implementing Angular Resolver.

We are living in a world which is covered by lots of applications and we know that these applications are still growing every single day. When the competition is so high, you need to keep your application up to date or updated to meet the requirements of the users. Your application must be fast in terms of loading and moving from different sections, if users find it slow they will surely leave your application.

You need to develop such applications which can handle the multiple requests without sacrificing the user's experience. Let’s understand it by implementing Angular Resolver.

What is Angular Resolver

The main aim of Angular Resolver is to pre-fetching data when a user switches between one route to another. It will be a very smooth approach for user experience and it loads the data before the user navigates.

In our article, we also discussed the General Routing Flow v/s Angular Resolver Routing Flow, read article for more details.

We also mention why one should choose Angular Resolvers and what is Resolve Interface.

Lets understand the quick steps of Angular Resolver - How to Implement?

1) Create a new Angular app
2) Create components
3) Fetching data
4) Product Interface
5) Implement the Resolve method
6) Route Configuration
7) Access the Resolved Data
8) Display the data
9) Add a Loading Spinner

If you want to see the output and want to know more about Angular Resolver, read our original article.

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