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Tutorial On - Laravel Mail Example Using Markdown

In today's world, Communication on mail is very important, especially when you are working on any project and even in the project, there should be a feature of sending mail. Here, We shared an article about how to send emails using Markdown Template that too with the help of Laravel mail example. You might think that it will be a difficult task to implement the markdown, but No!!It's really not that difficult. In our blog, we will help you to understand Laravel mail examples using markdown with step by step tutorials.

Let's follow the steps : for Sending an Email using Markdown.

Step 1: Develop Laravel Project
Step 2: Configuration Setup.
Step 3: Create Mail with Markdown.
Step 4: Create a Controller for Mail.
Step 5: Create a simple form
Step 6: Create Body for the Mail.
Step 7: Define the Route.
Step 8: Run the project

Follow the steps and learn How to Send an Email using Markdown Template in Laravel 8. For coding and Technical side help, you will get it from our article and our experts. Follow the Steps and learn. If you want to know more about Laravel mail example using markdown, Read our article and get infinite knowledge.

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