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Tutorial to Implement Email Authentication and React Navigation using React Native + Firebase auth.

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Are you want to build React Native application and want to integrate your React Native application with Firebase? We have shared a beginner’s guide for you, which help you with a suitable example. Further in the article, we also mention how to set up email authentication using Firebase in React Native. Btw, You may hear many times that you can build smooth native applications with React Native. So, we at bacancy combine flexibility with Firebase and share a tutorial on implementing email authentication and React Navigation using React Native + Firebase auth.

What are we building?

We share a video of react native application that we have built integrated with Firebase Authentication, consisting of Sign Up, User Profile, Login/Logout, and Forgot Password. You will get the video link in our article.

In our video, we have shown that when the user accesses our application, the application will contain the authentication state; based on that; users will get access to the application’s services or access to the screen.

In the demo that we share, we implement authentication on the profile screen.

We have also shared the information about React Native + Firebase Auth Example: Steps to Implement Firebase Authentication.

  • Build React Native App
  • Install required dependencies for Navigation
  • Setting Up Firebase Project
  • Creating Components

We explain all the above steps with their coding parts, and you will make it to the implementation and get some quality learning. Read our article for further details and gain expensive knowledge of react native firebase auth.

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