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What’s New in Angular 12?

Bacancy Technology
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We at Bacancy Technology share an article about the Angular 12 features. You can implement those features into your angular based projects and improve the performance and experience of your front-end applications development better.
We have covered the 360 information about the Angular 12 features.

We all know that Google introduced Angular framework way back in sept, 2016.
It's released under the MIT License. Everyone is well aware about the popularity of angular and one of the reasons behind its popularity is - it is open source and typescript based framework.

Angular has such a strong community that at every six months they have released some new updates and on 12th may, 2021, they have released the new features in Angular12.

In our article, we discussed those new features of Angular 12 in very detail.

Top features of Angular12

  • Switch from i18n
  • Ivy- a step closer
  • Nullish Coalescing
  • Style Improvements
  • Angular Learning
  • Bid Adieu IE11
  • Coming up for Protractor
  • Some more of new Angular 12 features

I know you are excited to know more about Angular 12 features and you also like to know what will discontinue in Angular 12. Reach out our article and get 360 information about the Angular 12 features.

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