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Career Journey as a Software Developer

baeya corpuz
A full time front-end developer based in Manila, Philippines - experienced in designing and developing software apps.
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With three years of experience as a Software Developer, do you still feel like you are not fit for the job or you are still not highly experience in the job as what other are in a span of three years?

As an Computer Engineering graduate, I started as a Web Developer, building customed websites and web applications for the clients.

For two years, I've created customed websites, e-commerce, crowdfunding, online exam-manager, and learning management system with the use of Content Management System.

I can say that with the use of third party plugins, I am quite skilled. But at some point, along the development I've wanted to challenge myself and be a Full-stack Developer and build softwares that I can be proud of.

That's where I finally started coding. First with React and NodeJS. It's kinda hard at first, as a beginner. But luckily, with a great team and the help from the leads and co-workers, I was able to overcome some of my fears and doubts in coding. I was able to contribute on developing various systems for different clients.

In this industry, you just need to have the grit and a good environment where people around you will help you shine. For sometimes, you will feel like you are not enough but with the right people that surrounds you, your doubts with yourself will be your motivation and boost to learn more and strive more not just as a Developer but most important as a person.

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