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Why You Need Google My Business and The Benefits of It

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What is Google My Business?

A free internet-based service to help promote local businesses online. It's a tool that enables business owners to manage how they appear online across Google and make their business stand out.

The Benefits of Google My Business

The Obvious

1. Free
Google My Business is a free tool to start promoting your business, building your brand, and establish customer relationships easily.

2. Consistency
It helps you input, manage, and update the correct information and details about your business across the internet on one directory so that searchers are getting the right info through search engine queries.

3. Easily Manageable
Supplying information about your business to audiences can be done easily on one master dashboard within Google My Business, providing you a stress-free way to increase your business’ visibility on the web.

4. Insights
provides you with insider insights about your business listing, giving you valuable knowledge into what’s working and what’s not. Insights focus on how customers find your listing on Search and Maps, and what they do after they find it, helping you make changes to improve your listing—and your business.

The Hidden

1. Bookings
With an integrated provider, GMB’s Bookings feature makes it easy for visitors to easily schedule appointments through your listing, and for you to manage those bookings on a simple online interface.

2. Offer Post Tool
GMB gives you a simple way to market to sale-seeking audiences with Offer Posts, through which you can publicize discounts and drum up business. A bonus: it’s free to use.

3. Heat Map Insights
Google allows you to track from which areas customers are requesting directions to your business, and at various zoom levels, like postcode, city, and country. This provides useful clues into which geographies are attractive to your business. This, in turn, can help you plan and execute your marketing efforts more effectively. Heatmap insights can be accessed from your GMB dashboard.

4. Website Builder Tool
Through GMB, you can create a free, customizable, mobile-friendly website with their easy-to-use builder tool. Create, edit, and publish a simple, yet professional page site that searchers can access to connect with your business. Plus, you can outfit your site with a custom domain.

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Nice and informative article you explain everything regarding GMB but need to explain about importance about Google my business in 2021.

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Gautham Vijayan

Good post.

Just check the spelling errors and use bold words and list elements to make it more engaging.

And use gif, png images for more readability.