I want to apply for a developer job but I don’t have any experience. What do I do?

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So, I want to apply for a part-time developer job, full-stack, backend or front-end, I’m not sure what I prefer at the moment. I have no experience is the sense of working as a developer, however, I do have a large knowledge base with programming and OS’ such as Unix / Windows.

Where do I start and what do I do?

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I think going open source with your first project might be a good idea.

Think of the open source repos you have on github as your resume.

It is now standard practice for hiring managers to check out your github after checking out your linkined profile. Sometimes we don't even request resume (aka CVs), unless the linkedin profile looks out of date or inconsistent.


As suggested, open source contributions and self promoting are one way. Essentially building a brand for yourself. However that takes time. Sometimes a long time.

Freelance/contract projects leveraging your network, family, friends, etc. are a good way to build a portfolio. Networking though meetups, etc. are also a good way to find contacts.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have a project underway at the moment but I don’t really know whether to benefit from it financially and sell it as SaaS or go fully open-source with it. What do you think is better in the long run / would look better to employers?

And thanks for your second suggestion, I’ve already started to apply to company’s such as doist.com as they are relatively small and hopefully don’t mind taking someone under their wing to say.

And I’m not sure I can afford that at the moment... lol

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