What are the best services to deploy microservices on?

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I think is should tick most, if not all, of these boxes:

  • Reliable - we don’t want it going down every 5 minutes.
  • Performant - Able to handle big applications.
  • Affordable - This is different for everyone, I’m going along the lines of a normal university student, part-time job but other expenses.
  • Accessible - Should be able to host languages such as NodeJS or services like docker containers etc. Would be nice for newer languages such as Go.
  • Scalable - I want to be able to use this provider for the next 2 years, not have to swap due to an increase in demand.

It would be helpful if you could list some main pros & cons along with what your personal view is and why. If it doesn’t match one of the criteria, please explain why you still think it makes up for it in another region.

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