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Thomas Sieverding

Many reasons: the safety guarantees are absolutely astonishing and this not only gives you confidence in the correctness of your work, but also enables rapid iterating where you can use the compiler as a pair programmer (for example, revealing everything affected by a breaking change); from a performance / resource utilization perspective its actually capable of besting C/C++; the use of zero cost abstractions makes code very succinct and makes powerful behavior very accessible (for example, see rayon parallel iterators); the trait system allows for combining behaviors in a really succinct fashion; implementing generically over traits is extremely powerful; it’s superbly expressive; the build system and formatting just work; it can be used just about anywhere; it makes multithreading concurrent programming easy; it’s fun to work with; the language teaches you to be a better engineer; the abstractions make things vastly more readable and generally once you understand the language it’s fairly easy to read code and to know what’s going on; Rust doesn’t have spaghetti code; Rust is so freaking reliable that runtime issues are basically nonexistent; Rust has libraries like Diesel that make it impossible to do invalid SQL queries and that guide you towards optimal design pattens; GraphQL API development on Rust is way easier than on other languages due to the trait system (see async GraphQL); Rust enables APIs that cannot be implemented incorrectly by design; Rust enables system level programming to be accessible; Rust removes the need for garbage collection; Rust can already do 100% of JS web APIs; Rust can generate Node modules via WASM bindgen; Rust WASM doesn’t need to be interpreted and hence runs instantly in web env thus vastly reducing time to first render; Rust is enabling a new generation of decentralized technologies....

I’m not really sure there is an end to this list. Rust is the most significant leap forward in language design ever. It is truly mind blowing.

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JP Saraceno

Does not necessarily mean "javascript on the backend". It means you'll have nodeJS serving your pages, but it could be as lightweight as just accessing your APIs pulling the data and serving them, in some cases not even at runtime.

Your more heavyweight backend, REST API, microservices, etc. could still be developed as separated services, with Rust or anything else you like. If you are already looking at something like Rust for performance you are probably already going towards that kind of architecture anyways

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