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Discussion on: Vim won't make you a more productive developer

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Actually, VIM is one of the most favorite thing i'v discovered. It's so cool, i don't have to use a mouse to navigate when i code anymore.


It's painfully when come to config and install suitable plugins for vim. :(

I do know, it's worth. But it's too hard to make everything work perfectly as i want.

I'v pay weeks, even months to make my own vim config. (There are a lots of .vimrc sharing in the internet, but we can't just use other people know...Only we know what we need, what we do want to use...)

I'v tried so much to create mine configs. But it's never make me satisfy...

Maybe, i'll try it again in the future, but not now. Because currently, VSCode is the one that suitable for me. It have everything i need: Terminal, Split windows, Smart autocomplete...etc.

But how can i live without vim, i have to use VSCodeVim, which let you have almost all basic key mappings in vim. It's not the best, but it work for me :). Do you guys use it too ?

Again, i can't live without vim :)). I'm even install a plugin call Vimium on chrome, which let you use some basic navigation in chrome :))

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