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Discussion on: Using Secrets in Google Cloud Functions

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Sergio Sánchez Ramírez

Thanks for the post! It has been very useful!

The only problem I'm facing is how can test the function locally or even on my CI pipeline on the repo, as secretmanager.SecretManagerServiceClient() is trying to connect to Secret Manager service as soon as I import my file on file, and I don't have any GCP auth credentials on the environment.

Not sure if there is a way to mock up the client without changing the whole structure.

Thanks again!

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Dustin Ingram Author

Hi Sergio, I'd advise monkey-patching the SecretManagerServiceClient to something you can use in your tests.

For example, if you use the pretend for stubbing, it could be something like:

import pretend
stub_secretmanagerserviceclient = lambda: pretend.stub(
    access_secret_version=lambda resource_name: pretend.stub(