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Why you should keep your portfolio simple

With all the CSS frameworks, libraries and features. It’s easy to make your portfolio design complex. Here is my opinion about why your portfolio should stay simple.

Keep in mind your target audience

When you make an online portfolio, your target audience is likely recruiters, employers, education managers, etc…

Think about how much time they want to spend exploring your portfolio, they might have other 100 portfolios to look at in a period that’s not more than an hour. Therefore, your portfolio design and functionality should be simple enough that a recruiter can get all the important info within 20 seconds.

Don’t distract the visitor

Fancy graphics and animations are nice sometimes, but are they really what you want the visitor to focus on?

Yeah, the visitor might be impressed with your animations, but they are going to be distracted. Therefore you should not include fancy animations in your portfolio so the visitor can focus on the important information and skills you are trying to promote.


If someone visits your portfolio and it takes 5 seconds to load, it’s more likely that they will hit the back button before your page loads. High performance can be achieved in many ways, but design simplicity is one of them.


You choose of colours should be appropriate for the target audience, simple and have enough contrast.
Simple colours and layout help to improve the overall accessibility of your website.

Graphics and animation decrease the accessibility of the website. If you are certain that you need animations, then include a button to stop them at least.

Whatever you do to your portfolio don’t do something like this. (Unless you are @ben 😁)
Ben Halpern Portfolio Screenshot

Share your openions in the comments, do you think that portfolio should always stay simple, or it's ok to make them complex some times?

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