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Discussion on: What should I know to be a software architect?

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Baskarrao Dandlamudi

If you see this diagram from TOGAF -

These are the steps required to be performed while setting up Enterprise Architecture (EA). So there comes the first architect - Enterprise Architect.

An EA might not be able to perform all the steps. He takes help of Business Architect- They mostly have complete understanding of the business domain and the how the business functions.

Information Systems Architect - The level which helps in Blue printing your applications. They have two flavors here - Data Architect and Application Architect.

Technical Architect - This is where it comes to actual implementation level, where the person in an expert in the technology.

Solutions Architect - This is where, architect focuses on developing solutions using their tools and software for client problems. This is not under TOGAF.

Change Management Architect - This is where an Architect uses his Change Management skills. More details you can find here -

So apart from coding or knowledge in specific software an Enterprise Architect is required to have skills in all these areas.

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