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Learn the hidden feature in Git - Stash

Nice! Another thing you can do with stashes is create branche...

My First Personal Site! 📣

Thanks for sharing!

Ways of Getting Data from API in React

Nice post, thanks!

Making a living from open source

Donations can be hard. I know someone with an incredibly popu...

Ultimate Cheatsheet Compilation

love it!

How To Use GitHub with Visual Studio Code

There's CodeStream =>

Build a Dogecoin Price Ticker using React

fun and informative!

Git tutorial for begginers.

Great post!

CSS Text Outline | Nike Shoes Parallax Text Effect

Very cool!

Understanding React hooks

thanks for sharing this!

Testing TypeScript with Mocha and Chai

Awesome! This got me going in literally less than 2 minutes. ...

How To Get Started With Open Source Project Contribution

Great tips! My open source company is always looking for cont...

Using Bootstrap 5 with Vue.js

I've always wanted to try Vue! Very excited about BS5 too... ...

Lesser-Known Yet Still Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Front-End Developers

Years ago I used Aurelia for a biggish SaaS app, and I gotta ...

Snake border animation CSS


How I went from newbie to dream role in 225 days...

Great read! Thank you.

3 Projects you should have in your portfolio

Love that a dashboard UI is included here as it often involve...

Typescript: Bang operator considered harmful

Good find! Thanks for sharing this.

How I Failed 2 Side Projects In Under a Year And Lessons I Learned

Thanks for sharing your lessons learned! Great take-aways!

My Biggest Mistake When I Started Earning Six figures

Sound advice, thanks for sharing your story!