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Love the series and a belated congrats on achieving the certification!

If you don't mind me asking, how many hours did you put into studying for it?


Thanks Ben!

I took my time as my background is Marketing/Logistics and not IT, DevOps and Infrastructure.

I started with AWS at zero. Absolute zero. I didn't know what networking was in the traditional world, let alone the AWS world. So it was a long journey to get my head around all the concepts. I knew this going into it and was realistic that I wasn't going to be competing with my experienced colleagues.

I got started in September 2018 with a shiny new AWS account and no experience, wrote plenty of blog posts to lock in the knowledge along the way and sat the Cert in November 2019.

These are the resources I used to get there:

Next stop is probably going to be the Database or Analytics specialty as this is more in line with my day job.


That is so incredibly impressive. Honestly, in awe of your achievement.

I've known several people that have wanted to move into IT. Suffice to say I'll be keen to show them this series next time I'm asked and this comment in particular.

I've been in tech for my entire career (since I was 19 yo) so can't imagine how hard it would be to transition.

It's not an easy switch to make but not impossible.

My advice is ...

You are not starting from zero - and you are not competing with 20 somethings who have been coding in their bedrooms since they were toddlers. Tech is all about communication so being able to run a meeting, take requirements from stakeholders and negotiate office life is invaluable. Tasks can be automated, communication cannot.

There is a role for everyone - you don't need to go straight into a super technical role. Edging in slowly by being a technical administrator or marketing at a tech company is a great way to make the switch. It's what I did, and it's been much more manageable.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable - everything in Tech is changing, for newbies and industry veterans. The hot new library or tool may not be hot for long. Learn how to learn so you can be flexible.

Lot's more here and helpful comments from the Dev Community:

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