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re: Sorry to be "that guy", but I think you've got it pretty wrong. Every useEffect you write should work correctly without using the dependencies arg...

Hey, thanks for your comment.

While you're technically right - they are not lifecycles - they can be used to replicate lifecycles introduced by ClassComponents.

Also the dependencies argument should always be set, because a effect without dependencies will run on every render cycle.

Can you specify why my useEffect should also work without dependencies?


I just wrote an article the topic: dev.to/samsch_org/effects-are-not-...

The purpose of the second argument is to be an optimization feature, not for control flow. This isn't state particularly explicitly in the React docs, but note that it's referred to as an optimization tool here reactjs.org/docs/hooks-effect.html... and how the examples throughout the doc page don't use the deps arg.

Hey Samuel, thanks that was an interesting read! I'll link to it in my article if thats fine.

I totally agree with you that dependency arguments are meant to be used as a performance tool, not lifecycles. In my post I just used lifecycles as an example on how the different parts of an effect work and how users can replicate lifecycles using them (and the return function).

Give me a few minutes to bring in your article into my post.

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