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Vue 3 UI component library for 2021

beccabycott profile image Becca Bycott ・2 min read

Vue has released its 3.0 version while most of its ecosystem library such as UI component libraries are still under development to the new version.

Let see if there are some UI component libraries that work with Vue 3 for 2021 by comparing the development progress of the top 3 UI component libraries.

1. Element ✅

Element Plus

Element is a UI component library for web developers and a design language for designers. It works with Vue’s Server-Side Rendering (SSR). Element also has a good community and regular updates.

As we could tell from it's Github, they have released a new version called Element Plus for Vue 3 😁. A production-ready version that we could use today.

Element Plus for Vue 3

2. Ionic ✅

Ionic is an open-source mobile UI toolkit for building high quality, cross-platform native and web app experiences.

According to its website, Ionic Vue is built on top of Vue 3.0.0.

Alt Text

3. Primevue ✅

Primevue is a simple to use, versatile, performant Vue UI Component Library to build stunning user interfaces.

According to its website, Primevue3 supports Vue 3.

Alt Text

4. Vuetify ❌

Vuetify is a framework over Vue, which lets you create clean, semantic, reusable UI components.

According to its website, the migration is still under development and we could use it in 2021 Q3 😭, which is a long time to wait.

Alt Text

5. Quasar ❌

Quasar is a front end framework based on Vue. You should consider it if you plan to work on the responsive web and mobile applications.

As mentioned on its Github, there's no release that works with Vue 3, however, there will be one soon in 2021 Q1😥.

Alt Text

At last, we've compared the top 3 UI component libraries and Element UI is the only winner that already supports Vue 3 at present. Wish other libraries in the Vue ecosystem could work harder to make it fully compatible with the new version of Vue.

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pabloldias profile image
Pablo Lima Dias

Just yesterday I was checking on the availability of these libraries for Vue 3, for a new project I'll be working on!

I've used Element UI for years, but now I need more mobile-friendly components, so I'm willing to wait for Quasar and to use its revamped version.

tonyketcham profile image
Tony Ketcham

Ionic is built on Vue 3! It's a great option for making native, cross-platform PWAs - kinda similar to Quasar

beccabycott profile image
Becca Bycott Author

added, thanks

hawkeye64 profile image
Jeff Galbraith • Edited

Are you sure Element Plus is available?

beccabycott profile image
Becca Bycott Author

Yes, I've tried Element Plus with Vue 3, and looks great, you can check my note here

arnurkuatov profile image

but It isn't supports TypeScript? Am I right?

laoshaw profile image

is Element UI responsive? I used one project with Element UI and it works only on desktop, not on the phone for me.

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