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re: "Agile started out as a methodology" Please, wording matters, read the definition of methodology, of method, of framework, and let's avoid confusion.

@arnaud Semantics. There is no confusion here. My comment is pretty clear in the message that Agile and its numerous flavours like Scrum, etc have become bastardised and broken over the years. What started out as a way to help streamline how work flows from conception to realisation has become a way for managers and executives to manage the performance and expectations of their employees on a molecular level. Agile doesn't exist anymore.

agile was never intended to be a strict process to follow, the manifest clearly states this. What we have now is exactly what Agile is not. A strict process, where consultants come in trained in this process and selling the process as "Agile coaches".
The bastardization comes from the fact that people have made this process rigid again just like waterfall, instead it should adapt to each individual company and its processes. You take what works, you leave out what doesn't. That is what the Agile manifesto was aimed to achieve.
It was never just meant for developers, what would be the point of that when you have to collaborate with stakeholders and to ensure you actually build what a business can use. It should narrow the gap between developers and business, that is the point.

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