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Discussion on: The Cost of Investing Too Heavily in a JavaScript Framework

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Dwayne Charrington • Edited on

Aurelia user (and core team member) checking in here. This is exactly the goal of Aurelia and always has been since it debuted in January 2015. It has a simplicity that no other framework seems to have because of convention over configuration.

I also think another point worth mentioning is the fact Aurelia supports Web Components, so you can truly write spec-compliant Javascript applications in Aurelia that resemble something closer to Vanilla than the likes of other offerings out there.

In 2020 after Aurelia 2 is released, I think more people are going to realise the power of Aurelia. Furthermore, I also think given the interest people have in Svelte, developers are yearning for simplicity and less verbosity, something that has been missing since jQuery hit the scene over ten years ago. Aurelia is simple enough to get out of your way but powerful in its features to be there when you need a feature (routing, state management, validation).