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Choosing Reliable Proxy Service: What You Need to Know

Begum Nilofer Ji
・4 min read

Proxies are crucial in keeping a company afloat. However, this is dependent on the proxy service provider. So, how do you choose one, and what do you need to know before getting one? Learn more here.

What is proxy and what makes it important for every business?

A proxy, or also known as a proxy server acts as a middleman between the end-user and the internet.

This server application is specifically programmed to separate the user's private information from the online pages and applications they browse on the web.

Here are a few reasons why using a proxy is essential for any business entity nowadays:

● Network Protection: A proxy can safeguard your business's network against hacking and data breaches. With this application, you and your employees can browse the web with confidence, knowing that your information is safe against outside traffic threats.

● Anonymize Traffic: One of the best and most useful features proxies offer is their capability of anonymizing a user's traffic online. This is crucial for businesses and individuals who need to carry out tasks on the web without exposing their identity.

● Unblock Geo-Blocked Sites and Content: If you need to access specific websites or web content that are region-blocked, a proxy comes in great handy. This server application allows you to unblock geo-blocked sites and content across the globe.

● Intellectual Property Protection: A proxy server allows you to check various platforms across different global locations to check if there are any infringements to your Intellectual Property.

Why choose a reliable proxy service provider?

1. Top-Notch Security

The top trusted and reputable proxy service providers deliver exceptional security to your business's networks. These providers take pride in offering their clients the utmost safety online, mainly because threats such as data breaches and hacking are too prevalent to date. Thus, when choosing a proxy, make sure to select a dependable provider with a proven track record.

2. Wider IP Pool

The top proxy servers offer more expansive IP pools. This feature is necessary for businesses that need to access websites and content from various locations worldwide. Check the Oxylabs website for more information about one of the largest proxy pools in the market.

Cheap proxies typically have very limited IP pools. Users often end up paying a premium to unblock specific sites and content online.

3. Impeccable Speed

The best proxy service providers deliver not only exceptional security but also top-notch speed. In fact, the majority of top-rated proxies offer to boost your internet speed and allow you to save valuable bandwidth.

So, if you are looking for a server application that will help you improve your network's speed, look no further than a reliable proxy server.

4. Threat-Free Software

Most cheap proxies come with an awful lot of ads and malware that can disrupt your business's network performance.

A reliable proxy service provider puts great importance on your network's safety and functionality. Thus, they do not put any ads or malicious software that can potentially harm your computer as well as your network.

5. Stellar Support

The top trusted proxy service providers have a dedicated team of customer support agents that is responsive, approachable, and highly knowledgeable. They are typically able to attend to their customers' questions and concerns with an in-depth response promptly.

Main factors to consider when choosing a proxy service provider

1. Reputation

When choosing a proxy server, make sure to look deep into the provider's track record. You can do this by checking online reviews and testimonials from their customers.

You may also check out unsolicited blogs about the providers so you can get a gander of their general track record.

2. Security Levels

The provider must guarantee an industry-grade level of server security, especially if they promote their proxy server to businesses and other institutions that require reliable server protection.

You can also confirm a provider's security level guarantee by checking out online reviews from trustworthy tech blogs.

3. IP Pool

Having a wider IP pool allows proxy servers to unblock more sites and content that are geo-blocked. Suppose your business requires browsing various websites and web content across the globe. In that case, having a proxy with a broader IP pool capacity is crucial.

4. Customer Support

When choosing a proxy server, make sure that the provider you select offers excellent customer support. This is extremely important, especially if you are experiencing issues with your proxy.

5. Pricing

A good proxy server delivers everything you need in a proxy at a reasonable price. The provider you must choose must also have an upfront pricing without any hidden fees or obtrusive upsells.


A reliable proxy service provider allows you to reap all these benefits of having a stellar proxy, such as impeccable security, fast server speed, and top-notch support. Thus, when shopping for proxies, make sure to take the factors mentioned above into consideration.

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