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Why Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunities Should Be a Priority for Small Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses took the biggest hit due to Covid-19. Large corporations suffered too but mostly managed to survive, while many smaller businesses went bankrupt.

While this seems unfair, all we can do is adjust to the new norm and learn to use it to our advantage. And the best way to do that is to take your small businesses online.

This article will cover eight strategies to help you find business growth opportunities in a post-pandemic world. Read on to find what will work best for you.

1. Rise in eCommerce

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most people are still not comfortable to go to a shopping mall. They rely on eCommerce to purchase what they need online, and are already accustomed to this new way of life since it’s safer and more convenient.

Use this as an opportunity to learn how to host a website and build your online store, especially if you already have a brick and mortar business.

Doing so will help you reach a wider audience, and allow you to provide a 24/7 shopping experience. It will also give you a chance to tap into the growing eCommerce market.

2. Focus on Personalized Messaging

When it comes to marketing, the one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. It doesn’t consider different user preferences, behavior, or needs.

Leverage personalization to deliver valuable and relevant messages based on customers’ personal information, such as demographics and interests.

For example, trigger first-time visitors with exclusive promotions in exchange for their email addresses and send order follow-up messaging after purchase, like ergoPouch does.

3. Contactless Product Fulfillment

This strategy refers to the delivery process with limited or even non-existent contact between the customer and delivery person to keep everyone safe.

Show that you’re compliant with cleaning and hygiene procedures by sharing the behind-scenes of the packaging process. Then, leave the delivery at the doorstep and notify the customer via a phone call or message.

4. Maintain Your Customers

With the competitive online shopping market, it’s more challenging to maintain customer loyalty. They can easily change brands that match their budget better without giving it a second thought.

Show that you care about loyal customers by listening to them through surveys and polls as they may have different needs than your pre-pandemic target market. Then, see how you can meet their needs and evaluate what you can offer.

Some of the incentive examples include:


Premium loyalty programs

More payment options, like the “Buy Now, Pay Later” method
Free shipping

5. Re-think the Content Strategy

With the massive amount of time at home, many people seek distraction and turn to digital channels to keep them connected and entertained.

It may seem challenging to create great content in this situation, but don’t reduce the marketing efforts because your competitors may take advantage of it.

Adjust your content strategy with user-generated content to get your customers active. Encourage them to share pictures of your products by featuring their posts on your social media, giving them credit, or holding a social media contest with interesting prizes.

6. Upgrade Email Marketing

As more people go online, email becomes a more prominent aspect of our lives. It’s now being used more than ever before.

Email is great for things like scheduling meetings, receiving online shopping notifications, and communicating with others. No wonder the average open rates have increased 4,7% worldwide.

Make use of this opportunity to refresh your email marketing campaigns by using positive language and showing empathy. Two-Bit Circus is an excellent example of this tactic, as they even provide their customers with a list of fun activities to do at home.

You can also tailor the content with your relevant promotions or products, like what Farmgirl Flowers does.

7. Invest in Paid Ads

Paid advertising is a good way to remind people that your business is still alive and ready to be a part of their lives.

Instagram and Facebook ads are well-targeted and relatively affordable, starting from $0.20 per click. You can arrange the goal, reach your target audience, and make impressions all within the budget.

8. Consider Brand Collaborations

Many top brands have formed collaborations and shown increases in various metrics like sales growth and traffic. Now, it’s time for small businesses to follow.

Explore the collaboration possibilities across different industries. For example, if you sell notebooks, contact a hand-lettering service business to design and release a new collection together. Another alternative is partnering with a charity service to build a positive image.

Also, bring the partnership to the digital space. Consider applying social media cross-promotions, guest blogging, or conducting a virtual meeting to discuss certain topics.


Never before have we experienced a strange situation like this pandemic, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t adapt and flourish.

Optimize your business by going online and applying fresh marketing methods. Consider digital transformation using emails, eCommerce, and content strategy to adapt to the changes.

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