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Discussion on: Rejected by Facebook

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I'm jumpin in this without readin all the comments cuz if its already been said, its a point that can definately be said again..

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so i think that we got a great result here! the fact that they will waste your time and give sound excuses promptly via email to divert any attention drawn to their internal process concludes that they have soooo much to hide that the giants unlimited resources within a relaxed 3 weeks couldnt come up with a way to answer you that protects some core components of their brand and its rediculous ambition.

I've watched alot of TV, there are some pretty creative story spinners out there and so your tellin me the book doesnt employ any? they must be tied up with shredding documents and destroying hard drives..

im gonna stop now because it really means nothing except i would probably deliver a broken nose if i ever actually met somebody that works for facebook..

i would like to note that the views and opinions expressed by me are not mine and me doesnt take any responsibility for lack of interest causing you to not read this far.

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