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Hi, my name's Ron. I've coded professionaly since 1984, starting out writing protein folding simulations in FORTRAN and C on a MicroVAX and MASM on an IBM PC in university. Since then I've actually been paid to write software in 17 different computer languages, the bulk of which were:

  • Java (23y)
  • C/C++ (10y)
  • Perl(7y)
  • UniVerse/PICK Basic (7y)
  • Python(5y)

The broad picture of my experience comprises middleware and back-end systems ranging from actuarial calculations, data munging and microservices to data mining and machine learning. I also wrote a couple of early "mobile apps" in Window CE, Palm OS and Symbian.

I've mentored/supervised several co-op students, a couple of which I'm most proud work at Amazon and Google.

Having used FOSS for decades, I've finally come around to seeking a project in which I may contribute.

As a hobby I write software :-0


Wow dis is great... i study actuarial science in school but i dont know how I can apply it programmically and plz can i use python to practice my actuarial mathematics

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