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Discussion on: Improving the way DEV elevates the good stuff

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Ben Halpern Author

We award the role to folks we deem "thoughtful" in their approach to a situation. And that's part of the reason we currently have too few (less than 1%)... But when folks submit abuse reports, it's a good way to catch our eye for the role.

Also a lot of folks who weighed in on that thread about possible quality issues will be given the role as having stepped up to demonstrate thoughtfulness.

It's important to us that we strike the right balance, award a diverse set of folks from different parts of the world, experience level, etc, and that it be just powerful enough to have a bigger impact, but not be something where the knife is too sharp and now super users run the show.

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Jonathan Yeong

Thank you for adding some more background info to this role!

Agreed it's a fine balance and "thoughtful" is very subjective. Like can a user be thoughtful in one instance but not another? How long do they need to be "thoughtful" before they're awarded that role?

But I think this is a move in the right direction. Rewarding people positively for creating thoughtful content that isn't spam or plagiarism makes a lot of sense to me. Hopefully, exerting pressure on both sides (positive reward for thoughtful content, abuse reports for spam/plagiarism) will help elevate content that people want to read.

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Haris Secic

Was about to ask you to prevent it becoming toxic like SO but preventing "super users run the show" is that. I did mention on on post that it's good if possible to keep the low quality post not to scare away not so experienced people. They might look like spam but it gives them feeling of inclusion even if criticised on a post but in civilised manner. Basically report button is great but downvote and having points to post or comment is more toxic than useful.