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re: Getting a job with a caveman English level. VIEW POST


There's a lot to this question. It's hard to say it won't present some obstacles, but some thoughts:

  • When looking for a job, 100 NOs and one YES are sort of the same thing as zero NOs and one YES. So it might be painful, but you do not need every company to be the right place for you to work with, you just need one company.
  • It's really up to them to disqualify you, not you to disqualify yourself. So if you think it will help, you should keep working on your English, but don't deny yourself the opportunity to go for it.

If you find local connections, perhaps at meetups if there are any near you, they will be able to help answer your questions and make progress.

I hope my thoughts were helpful at all, but I'm sure some others have better perspective than me because I have never faced this issue myself.

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