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I really agree with this sentiment.

But interestingly, I don't come from a background of ever being truly into personal computers. I never had the opportunity to hack on machines or really truly own my own computer until later in life, so my relationship with all of this is fairly specifically software. For people like me, it's been hard to embrace the magic of personal computers as you are describing that.

And then once I had the money to spend on personal computing if I cared to and the technical expertise to get good at it if I ever cared to... I found that I didn't really have the setup for it. I lived in New York City. Smallish apartments and I did my computing at work. Even though I could have gotten into this game a bit more, I felt like I was always fighting a bit of an uphill battle.

Long story short, recently I moved a bit out of the city and I finally feel like I can finally be a part of this world without having to make a bunch of tradeoffs in my life. And if remote work becomes more of a thing, and I think it will, I think it will lead to a big renaissance in personal computing.

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