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re: Love everything about it! As you mentioned this would replace both memberships and mentorships but I feel like it can also replace the events page...


The way we're thinking about this is that the listings area is the window in to all of these things and allow us to get as "horizontal" as we like in terms of covering mentorship, collabs, events, etc. But if we want dedicated, structured features, those could be added back in after at a later date.

I could see a future where listings are a thing, but from listings you could create a dedicated "event" page with all the fixings like RSVP, date as viewable on a calendar, etc. and listings wouldn't have to know about this stuff. For now listings are free space that only have to adhere to a few protocols in terms of categories and tags. For events you can link out to Eventbrite etc. if you need a dedicated lander but we could eventually provide that as an option.

The same goes with something like job listings. Right now we take the simplest approach to sort of kick you off to some kind of job lander where you can go through whatever dedicated funnel you want to. In the future we could complement that with an option to allow folks to go through the initial funnel right on-site.

In the past we've made the mistake of trying to build all these vertical funnels ourselves instead of acting as the glue. We ultimately shipped a bunch of 80%-finished features and never had the resources to properly maintain and iterate. So we're back to acting as the glue and if we ever want to go vertical in the future as a progressive enhancement over listings, we can take our time and do it right.

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