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We're not big enough to bother distinguishing DevOpsy work too much from non-DevOpsy stuff, so we don't really think in some of these terms, but this stands out:

You're never finished

There is definitely an urge at every step in the process to feel like "Okay, once we get these few things in place, everything will be way smoother and automated and we can just focus on building features" but that day isn't going to come. It's not even going to come in the sense of "okay this portion of the team maintains the processes and the other folks are free to proceed uninhibited."

It's going to be the case that we are always going to be refining and evolving these things, and hopefully preemptively because we don't want to get caught off guard by a big shift.


I've run across a few really smart managers who build refactoring time into all their sprints that covers both core code and automation exactly for those reasons.

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