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And The 10X programmer didn't realize it had gone down.


The 10x programmer is already more stackoverflow than human.


All jokes aside, THIS is the exact reason I will happily inject a neuralink into my brain.


The 10x Programmer is Sentient StackOverflow


Whats stackoverflow? I havent had one since C++


When the 10X does eventually go to sleep, stackoverflow will throw a run-time exception.


i ain't a 10X, more like .1X but i still did not notice it, useless for me i guess lol i only check a certain post that has been closed about programmer productivity ...lol


As the implementer of this still admin only because it's kind of unfinished feature, I knew that the answers would appear in random order no matter what order I input them. So "all of the above" wasn't really in the cards. 😵


Unclear right now if it's a bug or feature. It helps ensure the poll is less biased.

I remember reading a comment on Twitter a while ago that the third option (of four) seemed to regularly have a higher count than the rest, even (or especially?) on nonsense polls.

So, the idea of randomizing them to lower bias makes sense. I'd call it a feature. 😄

Maybe, when finished, the poll could have a way to add that option with a flag and always render them at the bottom of the list.


You forgot "Gross indifference".

Not that Stack Overflow and assorted Stack Exchanges aren't useful, but whatever happened to stretching one's brain and hitting sources of official documentation? Or is this just me being an old curmudgeon? #GetOffMyLawn



RTM is noble but it just takes way more time than relying on others who've already RTM for me ... yes call it lazy but I call SO my biggest productivity boost ;-)


What if I want to rely on others to Read The StackOverflow for me?

Maybe a platform could summarize and pre-digest what those others write?

I've seen many examples of that, websites trying to "distill" and regurgitate the knowledge from Stackoverflow, and it's worse than useless ... it's always outdated, you're missing the context, you get a ton of annoying ads (people running those 'platforms' need to make money somehow), it's polluting my Google search results ... waste of time.

Ten times better to get the info straight from the horse's mouth, that is, Stackoverflow. And github issues often contain nuggets of gold.

Websites trying to aggregate or 'improve' info which they've sourced from authoritative sources only make things worse. It reminds me of the shadowy world of the numerous Wikipedia clones/rip-offs which often don't do much more than scrape info literally from Wikipedia and add a ton of ads to it. I've come across those websites, pointless and an utter waste of time.


Both? Must really like packages. 🤔

Edit: Oh sorry that would run yarn, I misread.


I’m very fond of making this available with dev.to, it's much more feasible for us than others because we built for CDN-oriented distribution from day one, so an extra layer at the absolute edge wouldn’t be a dramatic leap.

Still an undertaking though.


Sometimes I hack SO and take it down so that I can go get lunch.


I contemplate the meaning of life, whilst begging the computer gods for help.

this also reminds me of a joke "How did they build stackoverflow... before stackoverflow?"


Change this and test, change that and test, change and test....


I question my ability to code. As an experienced dev, I lean on stackoverflow for validation more than I do for actual answers.


That's true. Often it's part of my workflow no matter how much I need it. It's just part of the process no matter what.


Much cooler, can't argue with that


Well I should thank You for writing that awesome article about John Wick and 10x devs 😁. I can't get it out of my head (in a good way heheh).


I honestly spend most of my time on MDN. It's friendly and usually correct and no one berates you for browsing it's contents. ;D


But where do stackoverflow devs go when they have a question 🤯


Probably stackoverflow but since that is down in this scenario... slack group?

Oh yes, I couldn’t agree more. Even our modest service worker integrations have been iffy thus far.

But I still feel like it’s a pretty interesting pursuit.


Hahahahah good one. There's dev.to 😉


I just ask a stackoverflow dev to zip me their local instance and run it on localhost duh


What is Stack Overflow?
I only use Google...


It’s that website google always takes you to. Someone asks a question and there are answers..


I go to the slack and discord communities or other forums to look for answers


... Go on MDN instead.

But it's good that SO is basically almost never offline. Kudos to them!

(By the way, the dark theme doesn't quite work when hovering over the options. I might make a PR for that 🤔)


End of the day, it's another website. Hosting. Bad things happen. I would really love to see few more choices, like go elsewhere for help, and to be funny may be, add an option as call 911, NASA, CIA.

Jokes apart, all in a serious situation, I would then lean on Google entirely for another source of help. Possibly MSDN for my needs.


I would probably not mind beyond being mildly annoyed about having to read actual docs and source-code.

I would however google some stack overflow questions and share them in our team slack at intervals.

Just to remind everyone, then revel in their despair.


At least that is what i like to imagine, i am usually more benevolent.


When Stack Overflow Goes Offline...
I contact them directly via do-not-reply@stackoverflow.com


Don't Panic!! Just ask why Stack Overflow is offline on Stack Overflow!!


Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers.


I usually switch to another non-code related task. I just said "let's organize the next month to-do's" and after that I'm going to check dev.to


Where is "Endlessly crying in a fetal position denying the existence of God"?


Other: read the source vendor/language API docs.


oh and I just checked stack overflow to make sure its online.


I just post about it on Facebook/Twitter! :D


Probably due to MDN docs being so good these days, I didn't even know SO was down!


There's always some alternatives, however I do find myself often at SO and questioning my ability to code, so I should just go grab lunch right?


Search with google and find that every link I try to get to is blocked by the corporate firewall!


Panic, what would I be without this wonderful community?
NOTHING! That's what. I wouldn't be as amazing at programming if it weren't for all of you!
(Also how did you make that poll?)


On a serious note, I will just continue researching what-ever I am looking for. I cannot just admit that I am 100% dependent on StackOverflow.


Or use Google Cached result to browse Stack Overflow responses. Or search Stack Overflow data dump index using ES on my local machine.


I thought about how can they fix the problem without StackOverflow.


... keep plodding along, but now tasks take at least 3 times longer!

(I took the liberty to add an option that wasn't there yet in the list)


Stack Overflow is offline: A good opportunity to relax and have lunch or a cup of coffee


Ask dev community before StackOverflow.


Go back to google and hope it can track down one of those wonderful SO “mirrors”


getting away from the problem gives me a new point of view and getting some fresh air is always healthy