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Discussion on: Logging done right, makes your life bright!

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if your tool is too simple for the job, then maybe you should use different tools. Like, lets say, use the tools made for analysing, storing and querying log data.

But most of these tools don't belong on a server, or aren't quite applicable in a server-only environment.

Logging has to fit and be useful for several cases, including the situations and avoidance of the situations you describe

And in a lot of cases these extra information you want to be included does not fit in the environment described.

So I am proposing that we just keep writing minimal log-files with information needed to find and fix problems fast, for example as NCSA Common Log Format files.

And for everything else you log to a different sink.
That could be the tools for analysing logs, for example an ELK stack.
You log all the information to the ELK stack and keep on the system only the minimum log-information.

A prime example would be profiling information.
Tideways is really nice for profiling, but you wouldn't want that information to be interspersed within your access log, right?
So you put it in a different sink (in that case directly over the net).

That‘s like saying that every dish in the kitchen needs to be cookable with the microwave, because there are situations were ... well, you know: cooking needs to happen quick.

So in those terms what I want from developers is to always have a microwave pizza on top of the refrigerator so one can make that when in a hurry fast.
If you have time for cooking then you can always spare the time to get out the more hard to reach food below the pizza.