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Can you share a bit more about your skills and path? I think you can have a successful career with either of them or even both.

Personally I tend to prefer backend work and that's where most of my experience is but I love frontend development (the good parts) but I wouldn't go around telling people I'm a professional frontend dev, because I'm not as good as those who specialise on it.

I might be wrong but I think there's too much to learn on either side to know everything about both but there's nothing stopping you on becoming a "full stack" dev (we need better terminology about this :D)


I was a fullstack intern for a year and a month, I quit, bad company culture and even tho I worked my ass off I was not recognized (TL;DR version :D). But in the mean time I learned a lot.

Did basic frontend tasks like adding a button aligning containers, filtering tables, creating restAPI calls... Had some UI/UX advice, but they were rejected (there was a pop-up window if the data is sent... And I said hey why not a loading circle or something like that, this was rejected with no reason). This was with Angular 2+. I enjoyed developing stuff that is actually visible. To be honest, I am afraid of the designing part, haven't designed anything yet.

On backend: filtering querying db, extending db schema, migration files. Enjoyed this as well, tho didn't have any advice on improving. Just did tasks. This was with java 8 and some other frameworks.

My devops skills is very little. Mainly used docker.

I agree with you on fullstack. Didn't worked out, if I could have just focus on one thing on that 1 year I could get a job more easily.


Hello! Frontend professional here. Of course, this all boils down to your preferences, but I just want to share with you why I like working on the frontend side of things:

  • I'm exposed to some backend stuff like working on Nginx (I worked on APIs and proxies)

  • I'm exposed to some design stuff because I end up working with a designer a lot. (So much so that I'm working on being better at design myself)

  • I learn a lot about users because I'm forced to think about their situation when I'm making the UI. (accessibility, mobile implementation, performance, where would they be clicking, what do they expect to see when doing this, ...)

  • I like that I'm able to show my work with a screenshot on Twitter 😜

Here's a much bigger list that I found online: css-tricks.com/front-end-developer...

Again, it's up to you what you want to learn. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

Good luck on your adventures!


I think that being at the beginning of your career it's hard to learn it all. Learning frontend, design, backend, devops and maybe mobile it's a little too much :-)

My advice is to pick one, if you pick backend and you end up writing web apps you will learn a bit of frontend dev anyway, if you pick frontend dev you're most likely going to do web apps so you will have to know how the server and backend stuff works. You'll end up with a knowledge of both either way.

Let's try to attack this conundrum in another direction: where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years? what projects would you like to work on? is there a specific company you would dream to work for? explore what skills are most required in the domain you're interested into.

Also keep in mind that many set out to do one thing and end up doing something different, that's just life though!

where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?

Conquering the world.. :D jokes aside: Working with a small startup or startup like company. Preferably fully remote.

what projects would you like to work on?

Projects that people actually use and I (or the company) gets real user feedback regular basis.

is there a specific company you would dream to work for?

Nope, I can't think of any dream company.

I think I know the basics for both. I just can't decide what to push for.

Ok I'll choose for you: backend :-) It's not as fast paced as the frontend dev and you'll end up doing frontend work a bit anyway.

Also, the Stack Overflow survey might help you decide: insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/...


Personally, I like "backend," but it breaks down like this:

  • Frontend involves a lot of UX/UI design, heavy user-oriented thinking, and a love of making things "pretty," practical, effective, and easy-to-use. It's as much art as it is programming (which I argue is an art anyway, but I digress.) In other words, Frontend is user-first orientation.

  • Backend involves significant work with data storage and processing, file IO, system integration, performance, and stability. It's the nuts and bolts. Or, to put it briefly, Backend is data-first orientation.

In either case, you have to be comfortable with designing around BOTH users and data, but each is definitely heavier on one than the other.

NOTE: This is coming from a desktop application and library developer, not a web developer (usually), but IME, it's the same in both realms.

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