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re: This doesn't make any sense. If you are unit testing code by supplying input (domain) values and then checking/verifying/asserting the output (rang...

I think you are responding to a different comment, since you are not responding to what I wrote. My point is exactly when input changes, it shouldn't break the test.

Sorry, probably misread your comment. Still not sure I understand how is it possible that a change in the input value breaks the test? Please explain.

If a test's expectation is linked to the exact desired output, then changing the input, for example, the wording in the hypothetical markdown file, will break the test. In my experience, this is something not to do, because it adds unnecessary fragility to the unit test. That's what I was saying.

Have a great weekend!

Agree. That's a problem in general with unit testing infinitely variable textual values. It's almost never a case for unit testing if you end up trying.

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