How I Redesigned My Portfolio Site

Ben Greenberg on November 22, 2017

I first created my portfolio website while I was still a student at the Flatiron School. At that time I created it utilizing Ruby, Sinatra and a ... [Read Full]
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Great job,

Just saw your updated site and it's really good. Hope to learn something from you in a distant future and I will also make your portfolio my inspiration so I can make mine. I like the way you execute your design as minimalist. Being simple and clean really suit it well. There may be some miss design but overall this is really good.


Thanks, I appreciate it! I feel like there is so much to learn when it comes to frontend design, so I appreciate the good vibes. I look forward to seeing your portfolio when it's up!


Nice job, Ben! I love the usage of a .ORG for the personal domain, you don't see that too often.

I find with single-page sites like this, it's sometimes helpful to have a fixed header. (Or one that appears after the first section). Having that allows the user to jump to different sections without waiting for the controlled scroll to take them there. Maybe something to consider :)


Thanks! I've had that domain for YEARS from when I was working in the non-profit sector, so .org made sense. :) I also recently purchased reactiverabbi.io which redirects to bengreenberg.org also.

The header is an interesting idea. While I was designing it I played with different iterations of a header (e.g. on every section, after the first section, different styles, etc.) and I just never liked any of them. Right now there is a navigation of sorts on the left-hand side of each section. I'll definitely give it some more thought.


hey @benhayehudi , the site looks great but I think you didn't use production build and your site is still using development build, Will not it be a good idea to use production builds.


Hi! Thanks, I appreciate the comment. Do you mean minifying the React files? When it is deployed to Heroku, the environment is set as the following: NODE_ENV=production. I didn't minify the React files yet or reduce the verbosity of the error messaging, which is part of producing a "production build" of React since I'm still tinkering with it.


If you used create-react-app then use npm build to make a build and just deploy it to heroku.


as for me old screens look more appealing and obvious.

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