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Discussion on: Recommend a Simple Kafka UI Tool

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Benjamin Buick • Edited on

Xeotek KaDeck

If you are looking for a free comprehensive Apache Kafka UI / topic browser to analyse your data in Apache Kafka and to monitor and test your applications, give Xeotek KaDeck a try.

KaDeck is completely free:
KaDeck Desktop and runs as native desktop application on Mac OS, Win, Linux.
KaDeck Web runs as a web service (docker container).

Included are 12 codecs, attribute filters (filtering structured data objects by attributes), using javascript for complex queries and data transformation, the ability to easily start a local broker instance from within KaDeck, security protocols, support for record headers (and types!), a variety of data ingestion capabilities and so much more.

The web version includes role-based access, team management and audit logs.

Go to to find out more about the free version of Xeotek KaDeck.