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Discussion on: What do you do within the first 30 minutes of starting your work day?

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Benjamin Trent

Spend ~10 minutes in quiet making my pour-over coffee. This sounds pretentious, but it is the only time of day where I have ZERO external input. Having personal reflection, isolation, and silence is important.

Once I have coffee in hand:

  • If there was a problem I couldn't figure out from the previous day, usually sleeping on it does the trick. I start on the problem right away. This means skipping the usual morning message checks.
  • Otherwise I do all of the following:
    • Check email, SLACK for anything important
    • Run through all my GH notifications (usually over 20+, some I don't care about others I do). This usually builds my task list for the day.
    • Start handling GH notifications (issue comments, PR review requests, etc.).