I built a React Todo List... whilst blindfolded.

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I mean, there's not too much else to be said here, is there? I decided to code a React app whilst blindfolded. Turned out surprisingly well - you can check it out in the video below!

Happy coding!

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IMHO if on the one hand I find it fantastic on the other I find it superfluous to program blindfolded. I believe that those who follow this type of blog need advice and do not earn superpowers. I often read your articles and I believe you don't need these Pindaric flights


If that is you... definitely feel free to check out the multitudes of tutorials, how-tos and opinion pieces that I've posted on dev.to/YouTube!


Would you be able to do blind-folded development as a blind developer would?

I am guessing we could learn more about accessibility (a11y) out of the experience 🙂


Wow. I've never seen that before. Now I really want to give it a go 😁😁😁


This is insane..for us things are difficult with eyes wide open as well.. this is fascinating


Practice makes perfect... well, practice makes almost perfect, I'd say 😉


Funny! Some audio feedback on current position and context would be helpful I guess. Want to develop something like that along the line, but currently very far on my list.


Must admit I haven't watched the video yet (no sound @ work), but wanted to ask "why"? Why did you do this? Were you trying to achieve/prove something?


I don't have anything to prove - rather, I thought it would be a fun concept, and also thought it would be a good test of my typing and recall abilities.

If you enjoy meaningless projects like this, I've also made Iron Man in HTML and CSS which you might also enjoy 🙃


I'm glad you enjoyed! Might make more in the future if people are keen 😁

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