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I really like the structure of your landing page. You use 4 big CTA's which are positioned in a nice area of the page. As an alternative, why don't you create a horizontal slide bar?

Hope I was able to help you out with my feedback.


I prefer the image on the banner above over the one live now, the MacBook is very large, a hard grey square and it touches the word 'accurate' which feels uncomfortable.

The spelling and grammar is pretty bad and makes me distrust the service. I know that is not related to your question but wanted to point it out. (This is not an attack on someone's English skills btw, I am just pointing out there seems to be several errors).

There are too many variations on the word 'GetIQ' sometimes with space sometimes without, sometimes with a ™.

In the "IQ Test Reviews" carousel, I do not like how the blue arrow button covers the content.

Other than the things I mentioned above... I think the general UX / Colors / Design etc are all pretty decent, it looks professional, just fix these small issues above.


Thank you very much for your review. Can you tell me the spelling mistakes you see?


This should help you for starters. ibb.co/gWgXXGq

I would also run all content through grammarly.com


Some things:

  1. White on yellow on the main hero button has too little contrast
  2. On wider screens (not very wide, Macbook Pro wide) there are 2 bands left and right and it looks off.
  3. Too many color patches I think, although this could be a style itself, true, and just a preference on my side (minimalist)

Otherwise, looks great!

Hope it helps!


I would use svg logo, it looks low-res and weird becuse of that (same goes for ZOHO logo)

Also, run a contrast checker on the page, im pretty sure white text on yellow bg is very hard to read for a lot of people (and opacity hover isnt helping)
Another example of not-enough contrast:

I personally dont like moving backgrounds, but thats subjective

Everything else looks great for my taste


Love it, very clean & slick with the big background photos and the "transparent" navbar. Bit of a funny effect with the photo at the top - for a fraction of a second I see the woman looking to the right (or to the left, depending on how you look at it) and then it changes to the other photo where she's looking center. Not sure if it's really a good idea or just a distraction (I tend to think the latter).


It fills me with a subtle and deep disquiet, inspiring me to close the tab immediately.

But this may be due to an understanding of how IQ tests work, and how on-line IQ test don't.


Which part did you dislike?


A bit off-topic lol ;) the OP was not asking for opinions about IQ tests (personally I also don't think much of them) but about the quality of the landing page.

That's the thing -- you can't really untangle the design from the content.

It's like those Nigerian Prince scams with all the typos to select for the stupidest marks. :)


First impression is very positive. it looks clean, an reminds me of the apple old website.


You may want to only import the lodash features you end up using. Thats a big package to import.