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Many devs I know don't learn, only if needed, only while at the job. It's ok, they are still doing their job without knowing the latest code tricks or frameworks.

I took a leave mostly to learn, so here are 2 extremes.

As average:

  • listen/read while you commute
  • at work, while doing repetitive tasks or with a low cognitive level (multi tasking)
  • at work, doing a new system and/or new technologies
  • go to meetups
  • schedule a session in your calendar

As you say, it is all about priorities, if you say "I do not have time" means that you prefer to watch movies, go out, do x,y,z ..... all these matter more to you then your career.


Yes definitely! I agree that it's totally ok to not know the latest code stuff especially when you're a professional. I think it does matter a little more when you're a beginner.

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