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Nice point of view,

"my relationships, the respect of my co-workers, the product itself and the influence I have on it".
Too bad you cannot test these (for reciprocal) without leaving, from (my and peer) experience the relationships (that seems personal, they feel like friends) are purely professional (or exists by cohabiting), as a result very few to none former coworkers kept in touch or just called to hang out after you leave.

As for the experience, if you work more than a few years on the same project from what I've seen there is none new gains, I mean the Return of Investment (new things you learn) falls to 0.

I hope you are an exception and all that I said doesn't apply to you, most of all your project(s) are evolving, new features pose great tech challenges, time for refactoring and rewrites are given more often, the salary yearly increase is more then 15% (usually if is lower a new job will be more beneficial) and so on.

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