re: Does anyone else feel bothered when people term us as coders instead of developers or programmers..? VIEW POST


Between us here, the devs, the terms are not synonyms, but for the outside world they are. I agree with the coder <= programmer <= developer (comparator is for the knowledge and responsibilities, not quality), I'll not start discussion, here, again.

I wear different hats, depending on the knowledge the interlocutor has. I often address myself as:

  • I have an office job - very few ppl are here nowdays, that doesn't know what a computer is
  • I work on computers - for non-technical
  • I can make your startup a reality, from IT, networks, websites and marketing - for dreamers
  • I do websites - for non-technical ppl that knows about the internet
  • I am a programmer - for people that knows what an app/website is. Coder is not used in EU, at least not my Romania, but for their perspective are synonyms.
  • I am a developer - for technical people, that knows what a Tester, Designer, Manager does.
  • I am a full stack web developer with experience on mobile and desktop, cloud engineer and (soon to be, wishful thinking) technology architect - for really tech ppl
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