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re: Please do a series on Data Structures and Algorithms in Go and I'll be eternally grateful! :)

I will try to keep the basic CS as technology-agnostic as I can. But to have the full effect I will have to choose a common language, like Java or JS.

But Go being my specialization, probably I will squeeze it around :D people has to know how awesome it is


No, please no. There are too many generic tutorials out there, and you won't be contributing anything special. But a large collection of all major ideas and algorithms implemented as Go modules with lucid explanations ... Now that would be something. :-)

I watched hundred of videos of CS on youtube and read tons of tutorials, there are many of them indeed, but their quality is very low.

I think I can fill some gaps. For example most of them treat CS problems like abstract statues, and they do not give a real context where they are used and how. Implementation is indeed another problem, they are usually in Java, with ugly written code i and j and hard to understand. Most of them can be written very nice in Go.

[...] there are many of them indeed, but their quality is very low.

Yes, but there are many stunningly good as well. For instance, I don't think you can hope to beat this. 😛

Either way, a Go-exclusive course would add tremendous value; who knows, maybe you can even create a Udemy course out of it!

Yes, but I will never use Udemy. I heard many horror stories, lots of content theft and they take 50% of the income (for most sells).

BaseCS looks great, but has other audience, most ppl I know learn exclusive from videos, not text. And also it has the same issues as the others, there are no real life examples or practical use of the theory.

I have a more unique overview based on my experience and the fact that I study CS, architecture and distributed systems. I can make some correlations between these with examples in a few languages as well.

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