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Discussion on: Cloud Run vs App Engine: a head-to-head comparison using facts and science

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Nice tests and post, but you should specify which environment you're using for GAE.

I primarily code in Java (Haven't deployed with Node.js on GAE so far) and from my experience the Standard environment works similarly to Cloud Run, as it spins up a new instance when a request is made (if there wasn't one already idle). The instance stays idle for 15 mins after that it's shutted down. Google gives you a daily free usage quota of 28 hours for instances. Hence if you tests were runnning once every 47 mins (and the requests didn't require much processing power)... then your daily cost would be 0.00$ as you wouldn't be surpassing the daily free quota.

If your tests were on the Flexible Environment then that's a whole different story as an instance has to be idle all the time and I am not so sure what machine type they start of from there. In Standard the lowest instance is an F1, whicho would have 256mb RAM, which is not much but enough for a simple app.