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Discussion on: Songs You Listen To While Coding?

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Bhargav Medhi

Here are some Hindi songs i added to my playlist which i used to listen while coding -

  1. Patakha Guddi - Highway
  2. Afreen Afreen - Coke Studio Season 9
  3. Teri Ore - Singh is Kinngh
  4. Bahara - I Hate Luv Storys
  5. Gun Gun Guna - Agneepath
  6. Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari - Chennai Express
  7. Luv Letter - Michael Mishra
  8. London Thumakda - Queen
  9. Subha Hone Na De - Desi Boyz and more...

Note - All the above songs can be download from this pagalworld latest song download website.