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So what is NativeScript?

NativeScript is how you build cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps without web views. Using Angular, TypeScript, or modern JavaScript one can get truly native UI and performance while sharing skills and code with the web. Its opensource and developed by progress!

Why NativeScript?

NativeScript is used to build almost any kind of app as the name suggests, Native - that's what it truly brings to the table.
Instead of using WebView for rendering UI of the app like Cordova, NativeScript uses the rendering engine of the native platform to offer complete native user experience.

Do you need to use Angular?

No there is no need. NativeScript offers complete support for Angular and they ensure to keep themselves up-to-date for the framework.

Setup(Integrating with Vue)

Install NativeScript:

$ npm install -g nativescript

Next we need to create the NativeScript project:

$ tns create vue-test

Navigate to the newly created directory:

$ cd vue-test

Install the nativescript-vue plugin:

$ npm install --save nativescript-vue

and, there we go!

So why choose NativeScript?

  1. Its easy to learn and it's free! (Open Source)
  2. Native Performance
  3. Very extensible and has strong support.



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