Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping Extension by MageAnts

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Set multiple flat shipping rates on your products with this MageAnts Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping extension. Thus, charge the customers with appropriate shipping rates in a hassle-free and error-free manner.

Key Features

Provide your customers with different types of transits.

Add details of shipping rates corresponding to a given transit type.

Add up to 5 different shipping rates with this extension. Thus, you can and charge them with the same accordingly.

Use an automated system for charging different shipping rates faultlessly.

Mention criteria like country, delivery speed, etc. and adjacent shipping rates.

How Does This Work?

The MageAnts Multi Flat Shipping extension for Magento 2 comes with a completely functional admin panel and allows you to do ample customization's on your own very easily.

The extension allows you to set not one, but up to 5 flat shipping charges. The details, conditions, rates, etc. for all these 5 shipping charges can be easily administered from the handy admin panel of the extension. Thus, you can very easily ensure that there are no errors or problems while levying shipping charges on all your products because the extension does that for you effortlessly and error less.

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