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Great post, @amandasopkin ! I really enjoyed reading this.

I wrote about some of my own conclusions after diving into similar research a couple of years ago here, "Hiring is Hard", and here, "Update on Hiring: It's Still Hard"

I'm still experimenting, trying to improve my own process and pipeline. That said, with several years more experience working on this, I have even more confidence in the list of five items from my first post:

  1. Resumes, on their own, are a poor method of sourcing candidates.
  2. The best indicator of skill & talent is the candidate doing what they would do on-the-job.
  3. Whiteboard interviews likely cause you to miss out on great hires.
  4. Pedigree (e.g., school, previous employer) is not an indicator of talent.
  5. Cultural fit and technical communication skills are at least as important as technical talent.
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